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VINYL Distribution

Amidst all the debate surrounding new formats and digital distribution of music, vinyl has historically proved itself the most enduring and endearing of them all. The move towards digital is an exciting step and opens many possibilities, but we at PDD think it is important that the original format is shown the respect it rightly deserves. 

The more the format is written off, the stronger it gets, and we can confirm the reports of a continuing vinyl revival are not unfounded. Certainly for the right labels, within the right genre, the sales on 7", 10" and 12" are very impressive, and in general terms, the demand for labels to return to this format continues to rise. Since its inception, no other format has proved so resilient and a whole new generation are finding themselves drawn to the allure of the black gold…

As a result of the surging interest it has placed a huge demand on the remaining pressing plants that they are struggling to cope with. More planning is now required, as not only are much longer lead times the norm, but also, our release schedule works many months in advance to fit in the many releases we handle each week. By managing the pressings of all our labels, we are able to better control this release schedule and maintain a healthy balance, and it means the label can then concentrate on both making the music, and working the PR around it. Locked together, this gets the optimum results.

We have deals in place with all of the leading plants and brokers, which allows us the capacity we need and the flexibility to place the jobs with the most suitable plant. We offer very competitive rates, quality presses and finishes and the expertise of many years handling the manufacture process and building up a network of partners around the world to promote and sell the PDD releases. We have a worldwide exclusive roster spanning many hundred labels, across a widening range of styles, with a comprehensive coverage of both the Domestic and International markets.

We take on every track on its own merit and regardless on the size or story of each imprint, what we can promise is equal access to the market-place; each release is given the same support, tools and route to all the accounts. A great deal of work goes into presenting every track we work to the world’s most influential buyers, and we stay with a record throughout its sales cycle to ensure the potential of any given track is fully realised. Everyone’s situation is different, just as there are many good reasons to release on vinyl; for some, it helps get all important DJ bookings and live work, others is purely a PR exercise to tie in with the digital releases, for the heads it is about ultra limited collectability and kudos whilst for a growing number, it is a good way to enhance earnings for a label. We offer a wide range of deals and will endeavour to find one that fits in with individual label and their strategies. Price list for this service is available on request, as is our distribution contract, simply email to discuss the deal that best suits your own set up.

CD Distribution

Despite all the perceived wisdom that CD is a dead format, we at Prime like to debunk such conventional thinking and are happy to report that sales of CD are still a viable format, despite the fact that the space to sell them in continues to shrink.

Part of the reason for our success in an area of such widely reported decline comes from what we believe to be one of our greatest strengths; our flexibility. Our roster has continued to evolve as we develop album artists from within, as well as signing high profile and established CD brands to showcase the range we have on offer.

We have accounts with all the chains, such as the restructured HMV, and Amazon and service the leading independent stores across the UK. We also have partners in each of the key International territories, and whereas the majors have one chosen partner to work with, we don’t restrict ourselves in that way- we have several options in covering each country, and place labels with the partner that is best placed to work that title- this individual approach sees the CD go through the correct specialist channel and give it a greater chance to break through.

It is also the reason some of the bigger name labels and artists have chosen Prime as their home. We have a very wide range of customers across the globe, and carefully select which parts of that network to plug into, something that larger companies are simply not able to do.

We provide a full service starting from manufacture, warehousing, sales & invoicing and quarterly accounting, all with a very easy to follow payback structure. We very much take the view that every format is valid, and the demand would back us up- for the right product, it is still one of the best ways to get your project noticed. Indeed, some people take full advantage of the physical space, by focusing on the packaging, as this stands out even more from the racks, giving it a story that you can’t do in the same way with digital.

So, if you are an events company, a DJ looking for an edge or a long running CD brand, why not contact us and see how we can help you get your product where it needs to be, and discuss the options for presentation. As with any physical product, the possibilities are endless and it really is your chance to leave your mark, permanently…
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