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Format   12 Inch
Barcode Available on Request

Ombra International returns with 4 Post-punk and New Wave inspired synth tracks from Roe Deers (Vilnius, Lithuania), Perel (Berlin, Germany), Veneno (Mexico City, Mexico), and Teniente Castillo Feat. Skelesys (Madrid, Spain).

Dixon dropping Perel 9:00 minutes in at Exit Festival

DJ Support:

Jennifer Cardini (Crosstown Rebels / Dirt Crew / Correspondent)
'This is great!'

Shaun J. Wright & Alinka (The Classic Music Company / Twirl! Chicago)
'Very cool release! '

Geoffroy Dewandeler (Mugwump/Hi-Phen/Eskimo Recordings/Brussels FM)
'hildegaard rocks !'

Max (m50 / Area (Wave Music/Ethereal Sound ))
'pretty cool!'

Bambounou (50 Weapons / Sound Pellegrino)
'wow, this roe Deers track is pretty mental. it's very interesting'

Joachim Dyrdahl (DiskJokke)

Hannah Holland
'Another killer release from the excellent Ombra International. '

Somerville & Wilson (Hell Yeah / ISM)
'dark disco n chugg nice.Suoort from Somervillle & Wilson'

Kezokichi (Blindetonation)
'Atencion Especial! thx!'

Richard Norris (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve)
'loving the Perel'

Reza Athar
'Love Teniente's track!'

Sinchi (Night Noise Music)
'Killer EP as expected.. Roe Deers and Perel are the ones for me.'

Gnork (Unknown To The Unknown / Black Venison / Legendary Sound Reasearch)
'Perel is nice 80 synthpop style. love it'

Justin Robertson (none)
'like it x'

Cole Medina ((Internasjonal / Foto Recordings)
'thanks for the promo, will have a listen later! cheers, cole'

Mystic Bill (Classic / Trax / Relief)
'Nice! will test these out, thanks.'

Craig Bratley (Instruments of Rapture/ Robsoul)
'Teniente's track is great, thanks'

Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco)
'Hildegard is cool'

Billy Scurry (Dublin)
'Nice broad sounds on this ep.Great feeling all round. Teniente and Perel doing it here'

Spatial Awarenesz (Twirl! / Hottwerk Recordings)
'Wonderful, left field weirdness '

John Osborn (TANSTAAFL)
'feeling the Perel track - thanks'

Andrew Claristidge (Acid Washed (Records makers))
'Absolutely great !!! Mega support'

Brian BD1982 (Civil Music / Diskotopia)
'Will be supporting Veneno - 'Atencion Especial'!'

Aera (Innervisions / Maeve / Wave / Aleph Music)
'Perel is on fire! '

Eric (Maetrik / Maceo Plex)
thanks for the music!'

Damon Jee (days of being wild, nein, clouded vision)
'cool various artists, support'

Andy Meecham (Emperor Machine / Chicken Lips)
'I like Roe Deers - Metal Ants thanks :-) '

Sebastian Voigt (Salon Zur Wilden Renate / Watergate / Visionquest)
'Perel track is my favourite! Really cool'

Tim Toh (Ornaments Music, Philpot, City Fly)
'dope VA. Perel track is fave. could be the sound for some kind of certain score music.'

Marvin & Guy (Hivern Discs / Correspondant / Endless Flight)
'Teniente Castillo's track for us!'
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