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Format   2 x CD UNMIXED
Barcode 5060202591084

Spencer Parker's It's Not Over project, a series of vinyl releases leaked out over an 18 month period, comes to an end with 'It's Now Over' in January 2014 - a compilation of some of the project's highlights along with a selection of unreleased dubs/edits/versions.

Born out of the desire to play with a name, imagery and deliver something outside of the norm of standard record label releases, the British-born Berliner and Panorama Bar regular kicked of the anonymous 'It's Not Over' In 2011 with the ultimately highly sought after 'Late At Night'. Since then, the series has grown into a must- check set of 6 12"s that have seen support from the likes of Mike Huckaby, Ryan Elliott, Radio Slave, Patrice Scott and October.

Here, on It's Now Over, we're treated to a 9 track selection of the 6 12"s (so completists will need to seek out the vinyl to satisfy themselves) Parker has released, from the original driving melodies of 'Late At Night' via the unmistakable vocal sampling banger of 'Brotherhood' to the more abrasive sounds of 'The Institute' and 'Collective Consciousness'.

On disc two of the CD set we get Parker's own set of Its Not Over weaponry - new cuts like 'Instant Heart Attack' and '3000E' as well as a 'Drone Pass' of 'Collective Consciousness', a 'Brotherhood' Instrumental and a beatless version of the beautiful 'East Pointe' all provide extra weight on the already heavy project.

While intended as a compilation and a closer to a vinyl project, 'It's Now Over' ends up being a lot more and not just because of its additional exclusive content. It's a release which shows us Spencer Parker with the gloves off, making tracks clearly close to his heart and even closer to himself as a DJ and the result is a fantastic second LP from the DJ/Producer.


Press Confirmed :

DJ Mag
Gay Press (Brighton) (Presenter)
Groove (Freelance)
Trax Magazine
Coleur 3 (Producer)
Hey Musik (USA, NL, Argentina, Lebanon) (Podcast)
Resident Advisor
Resident Advisor
DJ Mag (UK)
DMC World (Reviewer)
Black Plastic (Online Editor)

Radio Coverage: (Presenter): Liking this package a lot. A real grower track to track. Too many to pick faves as yet will roadtest 2nite tho :)

NTS Live (Presenter): Sounding good, need to spend some time with this to get a real feel for it but on first listen think there are definitely some tracks on here for me.

Lava Lava Radio show (Glasgow Sub City Radio) (Presenter): Loving a lot of these tracks right now, especially the UFO Mix of Belle Ville, Collective Consciousness & 3000 E. Really digging the old school techno feel to Brotherhood & South Jefferson

Zentripz (WMNF 88.5fm Tampa Bay, US) There is a lot here, some good, some great, some, well you know.... stand out- Collective Conciousness

The Gap (Reviewer): Outstanding project by Spencer Parker. Totally dig it!

Christallization Radio Show (Radio AS FM) (Presenter): Mindblowing LP, many good things to hear here! Big support for Spencer!

Hey Musik (USA, NL, Argentina, Lebanon) (Presenter): itsnotover stuff I hugely like! never knew it was TP, super stuff!

Titel Magazine Really special releases this that I've been playing a lot. Will definitely be doing a review!

Numb Exceptional set of tracks here...this is a seriously slick compilation. Great release... great compilation & great new versions.... (Podcast): Love this! Fuck it, I love so many of these tracks that I'll find a way to get it in somehow for the 27th.... Proper house! Large Feature Confirmed Issue/Link:

Resident Advisor News Piece Online Issue/Link:

Cosmic Disco : Some rock solid stuff here. Nice and dark stuff like Industrial Rhythm. Top drums. Might feature before the end of the year. Thanks.
News Piece Online Issue/Link: Parker? ooooooh yaaaaah! UP for

Phuturelabs Do you think Spencer Parker would be interested in taking part in an interview feature? (Editor): nicenicenice (Reviewer): very cool! will cover for R$N

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